Matrix Medical is committed to helping you reduce cost, maintain up to date inventory lifecycle management, and keep health organizations informed.  All of this is our way of helping you help your patients.  TRACTUS is here to offer a comprehensive solution for you!

Simple Solutions

Once health plans learn of a device recall, what might they not know? It’s likely that they don’t know how many members are affected and whether those affected will receive the treatment they need. They may be unable to determine whether members who underwent a procedure involving a specific type of device actually received the device that had been recalled or a similar device from another manufacturer.

They might not know if the manufacturer is replacing the device at no cost or helping patients to cover copayments and meet deductibles. When a claim comes in, the health plan might not know whether it is for a member who is receiving the procedure and device for the first time or for one who is having the procedure to replace the recalled device. What is known for certain is that a patient has undergone a procedure, a claim has been presented, and payment is required.

Now, there’s a better way to manage implants and the associated data. By participating in TRACTUS, health plans and payers now have the ability to:


  • Compare costs, revisions, waste, recalls, by manufacturer device, hospital and/or surgeon
  • Identify and measure outcomes by physician, hospital and/or implants
  • Alert patients when a recall occurs
  • Access to member information by recalled device
  • Member access to master implant database
  • I.D. prior implantations by member/surgeon/payer
  • Eliminate overbilling by ensuring accurate device utilization by case.
  • Identify actual devices implants as opposed to paying for wasted or defective implants
  • Know exactly where each implant has been placed, targeting devices that need to be replaced because of a recall
  • Identify the responsible party when a revision or replacement is required

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