Matrix IT, Medical Tracking Systems has announced plans to attend the 2015 NASS 2015 Conference, in Chicago, Illinois. NASS is a conference specifically targeted for interested stakeholders in spinal orthopedic solutions.

As the FDA UDI Final Rule is fast approaching, Matrix IT is planning on demonstrating the TRACTUS solution for those in attendance. TRACTUS is a specialized scanning platform that scans surgical implants (i.e.: pedicle screws, interbody spacers, etc.) and attaches the information to the patients electronic health record (EHR). The software is capable of running recall audits, post-market surveillance, and a realtime inventory usage statistic. The TRACTUS scanner can scan 2D data matrix codes as small as 1mm^2 and as large as 300mm^2. The scanning platform consists of a sterile scanner, non-sterile scanner, and intelligently linked software. The software can integrate with any upstream or downstream providers with our innovative integrated solution.

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