Standing space only was the occasion of the day as the Beyond IOT event, sponsored by SteriTrack (a Matrix IT company), was hailed as a complete success.  The talented speakers of Vitaly Golomb (HP Ventures), Stuart Hillston (ConCap) set the stage alight with groundbreaking revelations for startup companies in Ireland.  The day was filled with talented speakers, workshops, and discussions of the future of innovation driven by data.

The event was located in Cork, Ireland with the skilled members of NIMBUS from the Cork Institute of Technology taking the charge on planning and promoting the event.  New startups were greeted by the Cork Chamber of Commerce, IDA Ireland, and Enterprise Ireland, among many other notable agencies that were giving free advice and guidance on how to fund and setup a successful startup.  As part of the notoriety of the event, Engineers Ireland officially recognized the daylong event as a learning opportunity with contact hours for engineers.

Prominent themes of company structuring, the importance of data, machine learning, and cloud computing, providing a peek into the future of the exciting technological advancements on the horizon.  The attendee engagement and numbers were so high that SteriTrack has decided to run several more events in Ireland throughout the year that will focus on similar topics.  As quoted, CTO Brandon Donnelly said:

“This was the best way that we could think of to help the community and young entrepreneurs while providing an educational experience on the foundations and future of technology.”

The move comes at a time where there are more companies than ever before trying to stand out and be unique.  SteriTrack being a new and disruptive technology in the healthcare sector, capturing unparalleled health data was in a unique position to discuss how to capture a market by storm.  To learn more about the event, check out .