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Matrix IT has the collected experience of decades of surgical expertise, OR experience, and advanced data architecture systems to build something truly revolutionary. UDI documentation has never been easier.


TRACTUS is a comprehensive, fully integrated hardware and software solution that provides rapid and accurate UDI tracking and documentation both in and out of the sterile field of the operating room (OR). TRACTUS meets the unique complexities and challenges for conveying UDI’s on the device or device label at the point of use for products such as orthopedic implant sets used in various types of spine, trauma, cranio-maxillofacial, or extremity surgeries. Through the use of scanners, our platform is able to quickly and accurately provide inventory utilization, recall audits, case reports, and so much more at the touch of button.

What We Do

TRACTUS is a dynamic platform capable of not just implant and instrument scanning, but far more!

Universal UDI Capture

TRACTUS is the only system that sports a universal hardware and software UDI data capture solution. From RFID to 1D/2D and direct part mark, we’ve got you covered!

Automatic UDI Parsing

Our platform is able to automatically take scanned or manually entered UDI data and decode the string into meaningful data, allowing for compliance and useful insights.

Universal Compatibility

TRACTUS effectively works with all major operating systems and EHR’s,  iOS to Windows and Epic to Cerner, we’ve got you covered!

Machine Learning

Our system is powered by the incredible backbone of Google Cloud Platform, as a result, we have a robust, secure, and capable system that adapts to your needs.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Case details, inventory utilization, recalled implants in past case searching, TRACTUS has a flexible and dynamic reporting system, allowing you to have reports that matter.

Recall Management

TRACTUS is the only system that can intelligently decode a UDI at the point of care and stop a recalled item from getting implanted through intelligent notification.

Advanced Data Analytics

TRACTUS is able to quickly and easily provide quick and detailed inventory, patient, and surgeon reports. This gives you unrivaled UDI compliance and advanced inventory, patient, and staff management capabilities.

Watch TRACTUS in action!

Seeing is believing, watch a video of TRACTUS in action, wirelessly transmitting scanned UDI data into the software and uploading the data into our software platform!

Cross Platform Compability

Thanks to TRACTUS Connect, integration is a breeze!

Let's Work Together!

We’re here to simplify your UDI inventory documentation problems. Let us help you work towards an easier way to document your implants and instruments today!


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