UDI Capture Simplified

TRACTUS is the world’s only complete operative theatre UDI documentation platform. By using wireless sterile and handheld scanners paired with intelligent software, our platform is your point of care solution for clinical care documentation.


Scan all of your medical devices and instruments with the TRACTUS suite.


Keep track of implant and instrument UDI data for tracking and compliance.


Quickly and easily create comprehensive and detailed reports using the power of machine learning!

TRACTUS Capture Tools


Sterile Scanner

The TRACTUS sterile scanner is the world’s first and only patented scanning device that is able to quickly and easily read direct part mark codes as small as 0.5mm^2 in an average of just 0.002 seconds.  All data is sent completely wirelessly to the EHR for documentation.

Handheld Scanner

By utilizing a handheld scanner, TRACTUS is able to capture 1D/2D/RFID codes outside of the sterile field that is on all manufacturer packaging.  This means that if a device or instrument is not direct part marked that the product is still able to be scanned and captured.

Manual Entry

Sometimes a machine readable mark is not present due to an non-compliant implant or instrument.  TRACTUS has a manual entry system that is synced with the EHR, allowing for quick, efficient, and painless documentation when the need arises.

TRACTUS Software

Our software has an array of in-depth features designed to make inventory and instrument documentation a breeze while giving you the power of robust reporting at the click of a mouse!

Simple, Intuitive Design

We’ve meticulously poured through every detail of the design to make instrument and implant tracking a breeze.

Anatomical Precision

The TRACTUS software allows you to select specific anatomical regions, documenting the exact location of each implant.

Automatic EHR Integration

TRACTUS is integrated with the GUDID and your EHR, allowing for seamless, accurate documentation from a single application.

Complex Reporting

Driven by Google Cloud Platform, TRACTUS allows you to create flexible and intuitive reports that meet your needs.

Easy Inventory

We mirror your existing inventory management system, meaning that UDI association with your internal inventory numbers comes standard.

Recall Tracking

Recall awareness is critical for the notification of patients; that’s why TRACTUS allows you to run recall audits to notify patients immediately.

Secured And Powered By The Best

Matrix IT has teamed with the best in the cloud and machine learning space to bring clients an unrivaled experience.  By leveraging the software and services of Microsoft, we’re able to bring our clients insight and information on the medical devices that they use in their facilities.  The UDI Final Rule has brought about regulatory and compliance changes.  TRACTUS brings you the performance that your medical facility needs to succeed with proper and accurate documentation.


Machine Learning

Data structures, HL7 interfacing, and EHR integration has never been easier with the learning capabilities of TRACTUS Connect.  Drive the right data into the right places and let the computer do the work.

Big Data

Use your data to learn and gain insights on implant statistics, inventory trends, and end user performance in the operative theatre.


Near instant access to reports, data sets, recall management and more!

Sterile Scanning UDI White Paper

Learn about how sterile field scanning and TRACTUS can be employed at your facility to quickly and easily introduce effective, universal UDI capture hardware and software in your operating room, removing the headache of a patchwork of other solutions!

Exclusive Features

TRACTUS is the only universal data collection system that can capture inventory utilization from direct part mark (sterile field), reference sheets, packaging, manual entry and more!

We’ve designed the system to automatically integrate with government databases, providing real-time, always up to date information on medical devices and instruments. The TRACTUS philosophy is that a single scan should automatically parse and organize your UDI, and we would expect nothing less!

Answers to Your Questions

Will TRACTUS work with my EHR?

Yes! TRACTUS is designed to work with all major EHR systems through the use of our advanced machine learning and interoperability system.

Can I use my existing scanners?

Yes! The TRACTUS system is designed to work with all scanning systems, new or old. Our software is setup for maximum compatibility and will work with your existing hardware.

Can you still track non-UDI stock?

Yes! We match the non-UDI part or manufacturer reference number with the DI of a UDI, ensuring compliance and accurate inventory utilization data.

Does my system have to be in the cloud or can I run a local instance?

You have the flexibility and choice to either use our comprehensive cloud services or run a local instance of the TRACTUS server software at your facility!

Can you track and maintain inventory?

Absolutely, the TRACTUS software system is designed to intelligently feed inventory use and utilization information directly into your inventory system, we even have a free and open API to the system, giving you access to customize reports and parameters as you see fit.


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The TRACTUS Scanner was just featured in CBS News, check out the video at: https://www.wtrf.com/news/health/wheeling-hospital-named-first-in-us-to-use-surgical-tracking-system/1607273569

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