Matrix Medical Tracking

MatrixIT’s, TRACTUS platform collects surgical implant information during surgery, offering the only absolute way to ensure implant tracking and accuracy.  Get ahead of the curve today and learn more!

Lifecycle Tracking

With sterile implant tracking, TRACTUS integrates easily with your supply chain management solution.  Ensure with certainty which implant goes into which patient.



The TRACTUS solution helps your organization, uploading implants in compliance with the FDA’s, UDI law.  All implants are effortlessly uploaded to the patient’s file.

Easy Integration

The TRACTUS system is a combination of hardware and software.  We provide all of the necessary training and tools that you need for a seamless and easy onboarding.

Recall Checking

The Matrix Medical service runs checks against the FDA implant recall database with patient implants.  This lets you run recall reports anytime!

Federal Mandate



UDI is a common language that was standardized by the FDA for the healthcare industry to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the healthcare supply chain describe and document their devices utilizing standardized nomenclature. Included in the UDI are manufacturer, part, lot, serial, expiration, as well as other pertinent information.  Despite this new law, the most advanced healthcare institutions struggle to accurately identify patients with a defective implantable medical device. Conversely, the automotive industry may easily identify the owner of a vehicle with a recalled airbag that was installed over a decade ago.

Associated Industries

Market stakeholders include:

  • Implant manufacturers who identify each part.
  • Hospitals that capture the information into the patients’ health record.
  • Payers which reimburse for the procedure.
  • Regulatory agencies that surveil implant performance.

Most importantly, patients deserve to know about parts being implanted in them.  We provide data to each of these parties.

Implant & Inventory


Knowledge is power, and as a result we believe in making a brighter and better tomorrow.  The TRACTUS system provides the opportunity for device manufacturers, all the way down to the patient with vital information about their implant.  With our revolutionary software system, the TRACTUS system has the ability to integrate into nearly any EHR, inventory management solution, or supply chain tool.


BBB Accredited


Matrix IT has been working for years at the highest degree of business professionalism, excellence and integrity.  As a result, the Better Business Bureau has recognized Matrix IT with an A+ rating.


Why Matrix Medical?

The Matrix Medical platform uses a combination of the latest software and hardware to track implants, reduce liability, and manage your operating room inventory.


Medical Implant Tracking

TRACTUS is the world’s first and only sterile field UDI documentation solution ( as small as 1mm2 2D data matrix).


Unmatched Documentation

Our platform has unmatched point of care clinical documentation (during implantation) for your healthcare institution.


Unrivaled Flexibility

Fully customizable – may be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated with current inventory management or UDI tracking systems.


Data, Data, Data

The TRACTUS solution builds a database for recall identification and post market surveillance of implants for your organization.



The TRACTUS platform by Matrix Medical eliminates inaccurate record keeping, billing, and identifies actual implanted products.

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